Beauty products we love right now

“If you can’t pronounce it and can’t eat it, it’s probably not natural.”

So says Joshua Scoot Onysko, founder of Pangea OrganicsPangea Organics, a clean ingredient skin care line based in Boulder Colorado that we LOVE!  They use absolutely NO chemicals, knowing that the skin “eats” 87% of what you put on it. Just as you wouldn’t put a bunch of chemicals into a fruit smoothie, so you shouldn’t put them into any beauty product you manufacture. Speaking of fruit smoothies, the Pangea Organics Mud Mask is our favorite and was actually made of Onysko’s morning fruit smoothie. Comprising acai, goji berries, matcha green tea powder and other yummy stuff… this is a must try.

Whenever looking for any “green” clean face products Jurilique is always a great bet. They’ve been playing this game for a long time and know what they are doing. CEO Eli Halliwell believes that “beauty is defined by a sustainable connection to oneself, the community and the Earth.” Their Calendula Lotion is a highly concentrated botanical blend that helps soothe and refine skin and will not leave you disappointed. You’ll get that morning glow you are looking for and the gorgeous scent for the remainder of the day that reminds you something good is happening on your face. We love that!

Another great line that cares about everything down to its packaging is Sukin, an Australian natural skincare line. Using plant-based ingredients, Sukin formulations are also biodegradable, avoiding build up and contamination in our waterways. Sukin’s face and body scrubs are free from micro plastic beads, and employ only the best natural and biodegradable exfoliants. As a 100% vegan brand, Sukin is committed to creating products that are free from animal testing, animal derivatives, and animal by-products. We love their super affordable oil balancing purifying gel cleanser. Enriched with bamboo charcoal to purify and balance the complexion along with bilberry white tea and pomegranate amongst other amazing ingredients to soothe the skin. You will adore this.

And if you are looking to buy any sustainable, clean, environmentally friendly skincare is an amazing site dedicated to providing aid to West Africa. They measure their success not by profit but by the empowerment they are able to provide. Concerned with education, reforestation, the rapid increase in mothers’ deaths from childbirths and other important issues in Africa, Alaffia plants trees, provides bikes, school supplies, maternal healthcare and the like. The site is also amazing if you are looking for beautiful products curated by good people and we highly recommend it!