“Every little thought, fear, idea, hope, vision, love, dream and aspiration are “THREADS” beautifully woven together.”
~ Tracey Martin

Welcome to the Threads of Evolution marketplace where we aim to bring you handcrafted goods from around the globe in the most conscious fashion, as always with love. For us, the word “threads” includes, every little thought, fear, idea, hope, vision, love, dream and aspiration beautifully woven together to create the fabric of who you are. “Evolution” has many different meanings. For us, it refers not only to our own personal journey and development but also to an entire global movement. All global movements begin at the local level, eventually having a worldwide impact. We believe that the time is now to create lasting change in who we are and what we do at all levels of our existence.

Consistent with this mission we have created a beautiful classic handbag line that represents one’s journey through evolution. From our plant-based dyes, Indian Chindi rugs, our cruelty free manufacturing process, to the sourcing of our materials… we have maintained our mission of kind manufacturing every step of the way. Inside of each bag you will find a message of empowerment to give you a daily boost… you can feel good about carrying Threads of Evolution products.
In every thread of each piece we stand behind lies a story of a talented artisan rich in culture, history and heritage. We honor our global partners and strive to bring you their creations in the most authentic way possible. With each purchase from the Threads marketplace you are not only supporting these communities of artisans but you are also sending a message of support and hope to generations to come.