All global movements begin at the local level, eventually having a worldwide impact. We believe that the time is now to create lasting change in who we are and what we do at all levels of our existence. –Tracey Martin

Here at Threads of Evolution we spend our days thinking globally while acting locally. We aim to support artisans, causes, and endeavors that will help keep our planet in alignment. We believe in global sustainability. When you purchase something from this marketplace, you are not only supporting the artisan that created the good but also the region from which it derived. We work with dozens of charities across the world and are always on the hunt for more.

“Discover the Cause” is a place to do just that. Here you will find amazing organizations doing incredible work of which you might not have been aware. Please feel free to send us suggestions or information about your cause and we may feature you right here.

Forging Hearts from SeeMe on Vimeo.

We felt that See Me was a great organization to kick off this series as the format of their “cause” is as new and revolutionary as their mission. We have all come to know and understand the traditional “cause/organization/charity” format. However in this day and age we are seeing great change and financial support come from brands providing both jobs and support for a specific cause or region. See Me manufactures ethical jewelry by employing women, often single mothers, who have suffered violence and were ostracized from their communities. Through training, SeeMe women learn the craft of jewelry making following ancient Tunisian techniques. While fostering their country’s traditions they are also securing a workplace for themselves and a future for their families.

This company and cause strikes a particularly sensitive chord for our founder Tracey Martin, herself a survivor of abuse. Victims of abuse often feel as if they are invisible. To give women who have suffered such abuse a place to not only be seen but also heard and supported is a beautiful thing. Martin aims to highlight organizations that bring about the beauty and strength of “survivors” so that they can be seen for the amazing souls that they are.

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