Tracey Martin


Tracey Martin is a sought after public speaker on the subject of empowerment through sustainable living. As a Transformational Life Coach as well as health/life and wellness advisor for over 25 years, Martin has devoted herself to guiding others towards making the healthiest choices possible in all facets of their lives. By empowering others to demand healthy alternatives in food, fashion, beauty and wellness; Martin is laying the foundation for a more holistic environment for our next generation. Martin champions this change by working with industry leaders on incorporating non-toxic manufacturing alternatives into their day-to-day practices. When she’s not in the boardroom, Martin is speaking with students at fashion schools nationwide, providing them with resources for sustainable sourcing alternatives and opening their eyes to current toxic industry practices. In her soon to be published book “Sustainable in Stilettos,” Martin has created a fashionable guide to the ever-evolving fashion world and beyond.

Martin is the owner and operator of her own line of environmentally friendly accessories Threads of Evolution. She works with local artisans utilizing plant based dyes as well as a completely cruelty free manufacturing process to create each Threads of Evolution piece. In addition, she has also partnered with leaders in the organic dye world to create De La Terre Colours a line of 100% organic, GOTS certified, planet-based dyes. Through Martin’s many outlets her mission remains the same, empower others while protecting our natural resources, planet, and our most precious resource: humankind.

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